Appreciate Your English Teachers

Hello Everybody,

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and I would like to thank all the English teachers in the United States. You ensure that the youth of America leave school with a firm knowledge of the English language. Even if many Americans may not enjoy reading the classics, rest assured that you have raised a new generation of English teachers.

I hope you enjoyed your week! You deserve it.


Happy World Book Day!

Hello everybody,

I would like to wish everybody a Happy World Book Day! On this day in 1616, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died. It’s a tad coincidental, isn’t it? The greatest writers of the Spanish and English languages died on the same day.

Miguel de Cervantes was the author of the acclaimed Don Quixote, and I read that book last year. I very much enjoyed it, so I would need to read it again. In addition, I plan to go on a Shakespeare reading marathon this summer.

Wish me luck!


William Shakespeare

On April 23, 1616, William Shakespeare, one of the most influential playwrights and poet, died at the age of 52. The authors of such beloved plays such as HamletRomeo and JulietMacbeth, and Titus Adronicus, Shakespeare left behind a language changed beyond recognition. To this day, Shakespeare’s plays are taught worldwide.

Rest in peace, sir. If only you could see how the English language has been changed due to your works.



Hello fellow readers,

My name is BookReaderUSA. Here, I will blog about and review books, namely science fiction and fantasy. In addition, I will talk about science fiction and fantasy movies. I had loved reading ever since I was a child, and I hope to hear more from fellow readers.

I hope you enjoy my blog!